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About OurCries (OVAH)

Our Voices Against Harassment (OVAH) previously known as OurCries Initiative. OVAH was founded to give students an opportunity to speak up and report all harassments they face from bus drivers and conductors through our web-based system. OVAH's founder responded to this issue of student harassment after she nearly lost a close friend—she was almost run-over by a bus when the bus conductor pushed her out. In 2015, She started to advocate for a supportive learning environment for students in Tanzania. Our Cries is promised a partnership with the state authority in Tanzania that regulates the Transportation sector, SUMATRA (Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority) for them to use our data to take actions on the reported buses. OurCries is on the process to be registered as a NGO under the ministry of children and gender here in Tanzania. Our Cries is now expanding sexual harassment, a prominent problem in our country Tanzania. Girls students face sexual harassment from teachers and staffs in schools. In most of the schools in Tanzania, students are being sexually harassed by their teachers and fellow male students, they usually display unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favours, and other verbal and physical conduct of a sexual nature to girls’ students. I believe a first step to tackle sexual harassment is when one can open up and speak up about these harassments.


How did it start: Modesta was one among many students who joined Apps and Girls Coding Club at Kisutu Girls Secondary School in 2014, where the role of Apps and Girls was to teach girls how to CODE with the big mission of breaking the gender gap in ICT, Girls where suppose to learn coding and then to think of a problem which faces there community and then think of a solution as in how can coding knowledge be used to help the community, and that's when Modesta thought of helping students including herself.

Meet the founder
  Name: Modesta Joseph
Date of Birth: 12nd of August, 1999
Education Level as on 2014: Form 2
School Name: Kisutu Girls Sec. School
Role Model: Carolyne Ekyarisiima

== Modesta is the first born on the family of two kids of Mr&Mrs Joseph Msabila, folowed by her young brother (Joseph J. Msabila).Being a student herself she has experienced various harassments and abuses from daladala conductors and drivers while using public transit, according to her survey she conducted in 4 schools it revealed that 90% of the 200 students who participated  were harassed daily either by being beaten, abusive language, pushed, denied seats, denied to enter the bus, high fare charges and seduced.

She has developed Our CRIES system so as to end students harassments and abuses while using daladala. She is passionate about driving social change through Technology and empowering other youths to do the same. She is the founder of Our Cries, an organization which aims to end student’s harassment in the transportation sector, currently expanding to sexual harassment in schools and our homes.

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