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There are many ways to get involved with OURCRIES! Contact ourcries@gmail.com if you’re interested in any of these opportunities.


1. Donate: We are funded by individual donors, so even a $5 donation can go a long way toward helping us run our programs and pay for fees that allow us to keep running. Donation on “OURCRIES” means to  give Children their basic rights such as right to an adequate standard of living, quality education, protection from violence, exploitation and abuse, appropriate treatment by justice systems, free expression and so on. Once you donate to OurCries you are helping us serve more children in Tanzania for we will use the fund in Making sure every student and parent knows about the existence of this system, also it will help us work on OurCries boxes which will be stationed to each and every school in Tanzania where by students with no access to computer with internet or mobile phone can still submit their cries.

Are you an individual or organization with the passion of helping children? If so then OURCRIES is a right place for you. Join OURCRIES  by volunteering in:-

  • Fundraising Volunteering: If you have experience researching and writing grants and would be willing to share your expertise and time with us, we’d greatly appreciate it!,
  • Collecting cries from students of different schools by visiting schools, giving out brochures to students on schools or Daladala stages e.t.c.
  • Help a student who don’t have mobile phone or computer with internet connection so that he/she can report her cry on the system
  • Sharing our work with your family and friend in the social media, News paper, Radio, Blogs, Television or the word of mouth.
  • Graphic Design Volunteering: We always need help creating info graphics files which can be used in spreading the gospel i.e images and Cartoons. Let us know if you can volunteer your time to help with one (or more) graphics.
  • Share your Story: Help bring attention to the issue of students harassment by sharing your story or helping us in convincing those who were harrased in one way or another to come forward and speak out.

For a student:  A student role in OURCRIES system is to report his/her cry without any cheatings and also signing a petition which is available in the system, also he/she can help her fellow student to report his/her cry.
For An adult: An adult can participate by assisting a students to report his/her cry either by giving out his/her devices mostly when a student is in need of it so as to report the cry. Also a device can be used to take a picture or video when students are harassed and to post it to us using the following phone number 0752522723 or ourcries@gmail.com. Also an adult can sign a petition in the system.

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