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For our Mission and Vision to succeed, we depend on your contribution in term of reporting a cry. OurCries is for students though even Adults can use as described below.

For a student:  A student role in OURCRIES system is to report his/her cry without any cheatings and also signing a petition which is available in the system, also he/she can help her fellow student to report his/her cry.
For An adult: An adult can participate by assisting a students to report his/her cry either by giving out his/her device mostly when a student is in need of it so as to report the cry.
Also a device can be used to take a picture or video when students are harassed and to post it to us using the following phone number 0752 522723 or ourcries@gmail.com. Also an adult can sign a petition in the system.

Those two box fields circled in red are not must, when reporting your cry you can opt to Include your Phone number or Name by Ticking the upper Yes BOX. We will nver give out your contacts.
Click to choose file button is a button for uploading your evidence if you have. Ckick the Yes BOX which is up and proceed.
Click to send your button Now! is a button for sending your CRY to our database. Your cry can be seen in a page of all cries. It can be delited when it does not meet our standard.

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